Reddit Announces Data Partnership With Cision

Reddit has announced a new partnership with Cision, which will enable Cision users to examine Reddit data to find trend more in-depth trend insights.

As explained by Reddit:

Cision provides a social suite that monitors public conversations about brands, topics, products, and campaigns. By accessing Reddit’s Data API, Cision can layer more rich and real-time insights into their suite of products. This will give customers a richer view of consumer preferences, empowering them to develop data-driven marketing and communication strategies faster and with greater accuracy.”

The partnership will enable Cision clients to unlock “the full power of data on Reddit”, by providing access to the platform’s increasingly valuable trove of product insights via Reddit’s highly engaged communities.

Cision says that the new process will provide richer audience insights for brands, “while also fueling a pipeline of future innovations”.

“By harnessing the Reddit Data API, Cision plans to supercharge the development of its proprietary AI-powered brand reputation and audience analysis technologies across its entire product suite. This will ensure PR professionals, marketers, and researchers can capitalize on the latest market advancements to gain a competitive edge.

Which is where Reddit may offer real value, in powering AI and machine learning tools with insights from its 100k active communities.

Indeed, Google’s also partnering with Reddit, in order to bring Reddit insights into Google Search, and to help power its evolving AI tools.

As AI development continues, input data becomes increasingly important, and the more you can feed in authentic, human responses and insights, the better your AI-powered responses will be.

That’s why Reddit, along with X (formerly Twitter), offers significant value in this respect, as it’s where people discuss product-related topics. Meta also has similar insights, though less focused on product feedback, but then again, you would assume that a lot of the data available via Facebook Communities would be similar to subreddits.

For Reddit, it could provide another avenue to generate revenue, and add value for its new shareholders who’ve bought in via its IPO.

As such, you can expect more deals like this in future, as Reddit looks to build on its money-making potential.

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