Pinterest Announces Trend Tips and an IRL Activation for Coachella 2024

Pinterest is heading to Coachella 2024, and to celebrate, it’s published some new data on expected Coachella trends, along with festival outfit inspiration for those preparing for the event.

First off, on trends, Pinterest has shared a range of insights into user activity related to the music festival, which could help guide your festival look.

As per Pinterest:

With tens of millions of searches related to Coachella on Pinterest, and 40% of those searches driven by Gen Z, the platform has become a go-to destination and ultimate companion for users to find inspiration, plan and shop their beauty and fashion looks for festival season.”

So what’s likely to be the big Coachella trends this year?

  • Nostalgic festival looks from another time (searches for “2014 core” are up 1240% year over year)
  • Experimenting with the playfulness of fairycore (“fairycore outfits” are up 2200%)
  • Rebelling against conventional femininity (“dark feminine core” is up 160%)
  • Top searches also show that people turn to Pinterest to gain inspiration from Coachella performers to find their best outfit aesthetic—this year searches for “Lana Del Rey core” are up 300%

A lot of “core” in there, but essentially, it seems like hippy-like, free-flowing styles are probably in.

In addition to this, Pinterest has partnered with celebrity stylists Chloe and Chenelle to showcase some of the top Coachalla looks.

“The fashion experts are testing Pinterest’s new feature, board preview, which makes it easier than ever to share curated Pinterest boards as videos across social platforms.”

Finally, Pinterest will also be hosting an IRL “Manifest Station” activation at the festival, which will enable visitors to customize their own festival trends.

“Visitors will be able to find new ways to express themselves and make festival trends their own – filled with ethereal-inspired photo opportunities alongside trending beauty and styling experiences.”

Festival time is where many trends originate, and Pinterest is keen to tap into the next big fashion shifts ahead of time, as it works to make itself a more influential consideration for the same.

Aligning with Coachella, then, makes a lot of sense, and it seems like a good fit for Pinterest’s broader branding push.    

You can read all of Pinterest’s Coachella trend notes here.

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