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Juelz returns to Sable Valley with 17-part remix package for ‘Floorspace’Screenshot 2024 01 30 At 11.47.23 PM

Following the release of his debut album Floorspace, Juelz has come back to Sable Valley with a massive 17-track remix package. Released alongside the announcement of his album’s coinciding headlining tour, Floorspace RMX-S delivers a multi-genre look at Juelz’s breakout effort.

Speaking on Floorspace RMX-S, Juelz broke down the way he chose which artists to remix his tracks and staying true to the identity of the Floorspace album, explaining,

“The majority of these remixes were done by artists who are friends of mine. This was my main intention, because the main source of inspiration for the Floorspace album was traveling and hanging out with the friends I’ve made through music. Despite the fact that they say business and friends don’t mix, this collection of remixes turned out to be some of my favourite remixes I’ve heard for a long time. Being primarily a mix of elbow throwing bangers and big melodic anthems, this remix album perfectly matches the energy of the original album.”

Floorspace RMX-S is packed from top to bottom with remixes from top-tier names, featuring remixes from Rebel Scum, Dancing Astronaut Artist to Watch alumni Pauline Herr, uptown ron, Celo and MACHAKI, Joel Cruz, if found, Butler, BADLIKE, Vincent, Syence, Tails, Deadcrow, CAB, Cerdin and Arya, and even including a Juelz and Tisoki VIP of “Stacks” as well as a Juelz VIP of “THE POWER!” With Juelz embarking on his debut headline tour this March, listeners can look forward to hearing many of the remixes played out live by Juelz himself.

Featured image: Juelz/Instagram

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