YouTube Adds Simplified Tools To Edit Long Form Clips Into Shorts

YouTube has rolled out a new option to help you reformat your long-form content into Shorts, which could be a handy option for those looking to tap into the popularity of the Shorts format.

As outlined by YouTube Creator Liaison Rene Ritchie, YouTube’s new Shorts editing UI, accessible via the “Remix” option on your clips, provides access to a range of editing tools to reformat your clips into the Shorts format.

There are some smart innovations here, that can help you create more standout Shorts clips, without having to re-shoot or undergo significant editing.

And you definitely should be considering your short-form opportunities.

Shorts is YouTube’s fastest-growing content format, now driving more than 50 billion daily views in the app. Given the popularity of the option, YouTube has been developing new ways to better highlight Shorts, and keep more people in the app for longer, which could present even more opportunities to boost brand awareness and engagement with Shorts clips.

And with simple editing tools like this, creating engaging Shorts could be easier than you think, especially if you already have video assets to play with.

It could be a fresh content option to consider for 2024.   

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