Wizard School RPG Ikenfell Is Getting A Physical Edition


Image: Happy Ray Games / Darcy Dee

If you enjoyed Harry Potter, but wish that you could play something more LGBTQ+-friendly, then Ikenfell might scratch that particular itch: set in a world where magic-users must attend a school to harness and control their abilities, but where something powerful is on the loose, Ikenfell is all about how friendship, trust, trauma, and badass spells can help you defeat evil.

Now, the turn-based RPG is getting a physical edition through Limited Run Games, with pre-orders starting on Friday, the 24th September and ending on Sunday, October 24th.

It doesn’t look like there will be any bonus collectors’ editions, but the cartridge and full-colour manual will cost $34.99 and includes a reversible cover:

Reversible cover art
Image: Happy Ray Games / Darcy Dee

This time last year, we gave Ikenfell a glowing 8/10 review, in which we heaped praise onto the accessibility options, the impressively deep turn-based battle mechanics, the diverse cast, and the “majestic” 75-song soundtrack by the musicians of Steven Universe. We also added Ikenfell to our list of “Best LGBTQ+ Games“, thanks to its sensitive handling of teens discovering themselves, and its range of different gender identities.

Image: Happy Ray Games / Limited Run Games

Is Ikenfell on your must-haves for physical editions? Let us know in the comments below!

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