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Deaths in the News is a weekly video series from Legacy.com covering recent national news obituaries we’ve published.

March 2023 Week 2 (2023 Episode 11)
This video features Olympic high jumper and “Fosbury Flop” creator Dick Fosbury, Olympic diver Pat McCormick, “They’re Coming to Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa!” singer Jerry “Napoleon XIV” Samuels, Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Otis Taylor, Minnesota Vikings head coach Bud Grant, “The Amazing Colossal Man” filmmaker Bert I. Gordon, Disneyland designer Rolly Crump, former U.S. Representative Patricia Schroeder, New York Yankees first baseman Joe Pepitone, “North and South” author John Jakes, “What You Won’t Do for Love” singer Bobby Caldwell, renowned ballerina Lynn Seymour, and Derek and the Dominos drummer Jim Gordon.

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Dick Fosbury http://bit.ly/3ZSS1rr
Pat McCormick http://bit.ly/3yKXswA
Jerry “Napoleon XIV” Samuels http://bit.ly/3YVNEKC
Otis Taylor http://bit.ly/3JJ5gFg
Bud Grant http://bit.ly/42kVG2Q
Bert I. Gordon http://bit.ly/3TnNzhF
Rolly Crump http://bit.ly/40gG52v
Patricia Schroeder http://bit.ly/3mWBqEo
Joe Pepitone http://bit.ly/42hkWqE
John Jakes http://bit.ly/3lj2Gwi
Bobby Caldwell http://bit.ly/3JNkbyu
Lynn Seymour http://bit.ly/3ldSBRz
Jim Gordon http://bit.ly/3YNJt3C

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