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Turkey Vultures are sadly misunderstood. They are not a Bird of Prey. They do not kill other animals. They are scavengers and feed exclusively on Carrion. They have a great sense of smell. They can smell Carrion up to a mile away. Turkey Vultures are a vital part of nature’s clean-up crew and they play a crucial role in the balance of nature. They are good cleaners of the Earth.
Unlike most other birds, these members of the “Clean Up Crew” feed on carrion, which helps rid the land of decaying animal carcasses, reducing the risk of harmful bacteria and diseases from spreading. Unlike more popular birds of prey such as eagles and hawks, vultures don’t have large and powerful talons to kill prey.

Some people may find this video upsetting,,, this is how nature works.

At first I thought maybe Coyotes killed the Fox. But if that were the case there wouldn’t be much left to the Fox. I’m thinking the Fox got hit by a Car while crossing Rt 27 in Medfield Massachusetts then died in the field. This attracted the Turkey Vultures.

Rest in Peace little Red Fox




Starring in this video:

Turkey Vultures ~ Cathartes aura ~ AKA: Turkey Buzzard ~ Buzzard
Dead Fox was a Red Fox ~ Vulpes vulpes
Green Frog ~ Rana clamitans
Bull Frog ~ Lithobates catesbeianus
Muskrat ~ Ondatra zibethicus
Otter ~ Lutrinae
Snapping Turtle ~ Chelydra serpentina
Painted Tuyrtle ~ Chrysemys picta
Red-Winged Blackbird ~ Agelaius phoeniceus
Eastern Bluebird ~ Sialia sialis


Videoed at numerous locations:

Medfield Charles River Reservation ~ Rt 27 Medfield Mass
Massachusetts Audubon Stony Brook Wildlife Sanctuary ~ Norfolk Mass
Massachusetts Audubon Waseeka Wildlife Sanctuary ~Hopkinton Mass
Blackstone Canal ~ River Bend Farm ~ Uxbridge Mass
My backyard ~ Bellingham Mass
Delcarte Conservation Area ~ Franklin Mass


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