Tracey Hammell Band – Mix – Live at Mitchell Creek Rock N Blues Fest 2020


Snippets of original songs written by Tracey Hammell and featured in this mix include: ‘Love Was Here’, ‘No Regrets’, Don’t Know What’s Real’, and ‘Blues’d & Bruised’, plus covers of ‘Go to Hell’, ‘Badge’, ‘Need You Tonight’, ‘Blanket’, ‘In My Father’s House’, ‘Like the Way I Do’, and ‘Whole Lotta Love’.

Tracey is seen here performing live at the Mitchell Creek Rock N Blues Fest 2020, with local Brisbane legends Nathan George (lead guitar), Byron Short (rhythm guitar) Casper Hall (drums) and Jeremy Klysz (bass).

Mary Jane's Garden - Get Ready For Spring 250x250

Tracey is an Australian singer-songwriter-guitarist who has honed her craft alongside contemporary artists and blues bands before penning original material and rocking it live at music festivals and venues.



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