The BEST FREE App for Mac 2019


In 2019, my favorite FREE App for the Mac has got to be CopyClip. Download here: (US Version)


If you use the copy and paste feature on your Mac, you’re going to LOVE CopyClip. This app gives you full access to your Mac’s clipboard history so that you can access items you copied previously. How many times have you been on your Mac and realized that you need something you copied earlier in the day or even the day before? CopyClip to the rescue. Total. Life. Saver.

It doesn’t matter if you’re in business or a student; this is one of those apps that has universal appeal.
Get your copy today:

Since I know the companies that make these apps monitor review videos like this one, I will say that I wish CopyClip had the ability to sync clipboards between computers, but perhaps that will come about in a future version. It’s still one of the best free apps you can get for your Mac!

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