Snowy Sunday in Bellingham Massachusetts and Backyard Birds


We got more snow on Sunday February 12, 2017 in Bellingham Ma. We headed down to the Fairy Forest for a snow walk. I absolutely love taking walks while its snowing.

New England sure is beautiful after fresh fallen snow.

I used my older camera while out on the walk. And used my new camera for the bird footage. All the bird footage was taken through the sliding glass door. I’m looking forward to a nice dry, warm day to sit out back with my new camera so I can practice getting bird footage.



Starring in this video:
Red Bellied Woodpecker ~ Melanerpes carolinus
Downy Woodpecker ~ Picoides pubescens
Northern Cardinal ~ Cardinalis cardinalis
American Goldfinch ~ Spinus tristis
Blue Jay ~ Cyanocitta cristata

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Thank you Kevin MacLeod for sharing your wonderful music.

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Nikon Coolpix P900 83X Zoom
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