PKA 618 W/Josh Wolf: Jackie's Secret, Taylors Baby, UFC 280


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0:00:00 – Woody introduces the show and guest, Taylor introduce sponsors
0:00:17 – Russia vs Ukraine talk: Josh’s volunteering, RSK drones and more
0:13:34 – Why being a modern criminal is impossible & the creepiest Ring videos
0:17:21 – Woody’s experience of being burgled as a teen and how it scarred him
0:24:52 – Josh’s small town scandals & can you legally scratch off VIN numbers?
0:30:10 – Josh’s experience of stage fright & why hallucinogens help his comedy
0:37:12 – Kevin Spacey’s innocence, Taylor’s candy binge & TRT Woody
0:45:29 – Josh temporarily dips from the podcast to go do his stand up show
0:46:09 – Taylor shows off the LA Confidential DVD gifted to him by Kyle!
0:47:56 – Woody’s local serial killer, rude road cyclists & why St Louis SUCKS
0:54:54 – PKA reacts to Kanye West’s DEFCON 3 outbursts & buying Parler
1:05:41 – James Corden vs Ryanair & why AirBnB has declined so badly
1:14:00 – Kyle’s dogs, Toby and Rocky, are getting up to no good!
1:20:22 – Kyle’s Sea of Thieves high seas adventures with the PKA Patrons
1:33:36 – Taylor is devastated – Why have a BILLION snow crabs disappeared?!
1:42:13 – When is Taylor going to have a baby? Will he name it after Woody?
1:44:34 – Woody’s woeful motorbike trip and how it RUINED his workout
1:47:45 – Ad reads: Wonky Weeds, Gummy Bears & Blue (ft. Jackie’s secret!)
1:56:47 – Video: MorePlatesMoreDates, efficacious doses & Joe Rogan
2:03:28 – Steroid testing, TRT and Elon Musk’s peculiar body proportions
2:12:03 – Jackie’s cosmetic face surgery, liposuction talk & kidney stones
2:19:40 – Chick-Fil-A, Noah the upper class brat & why delivery apps SUCK
2:23:58 – Shopping for 300lbs of salt & Kyle’s 250,000 GALLON flooding disaster
2:29:31 – Barbaric chicken processing farms & why Kyle has a “Jew” pass
2:34:28 – Woody makes some NHL hot takes after the first game of the season
2:38:24 – UFC 280 talk: Tony Ferguson, Khabib, Jorge Masvidal & MUCH more
3:09:00 – Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva & Tyron Woodley’s BRUTAL boxing KO
3:14:27 – Josh Wolf returns and explains how he DEMOLISHED a heckler tonight
3:21:03 – Josh’s ultimate heckler putdown & the “home team” advantage in comedy
3:23:48 – Taylor’s burrito OUTRAGE & why Josh swears by intermittent fasting
3:28:00 – Josh and Kyle discuss their bowel movements and $150 coffee mugs
3:32:40 – Woody’s days as a woodworker, award-winning dancer & MMA star
3:44:28 – Paramotor cloud suck & the world’s SCARIEST extreme hobbies
3:49:05 – Woody’s worst accident & why Kyle is an AWESOME PKA hype man!
3:51:27 – Food talk: Nutter butter binging, frozen candy & reaching your macros
3:59:39 – Why aren’t Josh and Taylor on TRT yet?! Kyle tries to persuade them
4:06:08 – Hypothetical single Woody picks up girls at the gym in his paramotor
4:11:10 – The guys call it a show


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