Northeast Council on State Government: Public Access in Peril 8/17/2021


Many Public, Educational, and Governmental (PEG) centers across the Northeast are experiencing significant budget shortfalls with no relief in sight. Their services are critical for airing local government proceedings, town hall meetings, etc., yet cable companies are eschewing any efforts to pay for continuing free-to-air access for this kind of programming.

A panel of industry experts and state officials discuss how states in the Eastern Region are working to ensure the continuity of public access to state and local news.

MODERATOR: Lonnie Reed, Chair, Connecticut Green Bank

SPEAKERS: Lauren-Glenn Davitian, Executive Director, CCTV Center for Media & Democracy, Vermont; Walter Mann, Co-Chair of CT Community Media Association, Connecticut; Mike Rispoli, News Voices Director, Free Press and board member, the Civic Information Consortium, New Jersey; and David Gauthier, Executive Director, Winchester Community Access & Media, Massachusetts.

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