Native American History Of Massachusetts – Episode 1


History of the First Nations of Massachusetts – Paleo-to-Agro, 14,000-2,000 yrs. BP. Latest research and discoveries about the Paleolithic forebears of Massachusetts, through the Archaic and Late Archaic periods. Massachusetts is one of the richest places in North America for Paleo and Archaic settlements. Meet the ancestors of the Nipmuc, Massachusett, Wapanaag and Pocumtuck nations. Written and Narrated by RG Cachat-Schilling, script copyright 2016. Permission granted for educational use. Learn more about Amiskwunoag/DEDIC village in R.M. Gramly’s, “The Sugarloaf Site, Paleo-American on the Connecticut River.” Background music in order: “Kariiwas,” Ganien’hehaka (trad.), RG Schilling; “Passamaquoddy Welcome Song,” (trad.) Taina; “Pine Cone Dance,” Wabanaki (trad.) Eastern Spirit; “Navajo Healing Song;” “Nipmuc Lament,” Fannie Golden; “Jingle Dress Side Step – Sasookay SImo’okay,” Big River Cree. Photo of Lake Siog, Donna Smith, Abenaki freelance photographer. Photos of Amiskwunoag (South Sugarloaf), Kunnckquatchu (Mt. Toby), by James Namatassis Cachat.


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