This 1946 color documentary film “Men of Gloucester”, a Transfilm Production, was presented by the Ford Motor Company. The camera pans Gloucester, Massachusetts. 1940s cars are parked on the street. People leave “Harbor Cove Fisheries” (:25-1:25). Cars pass the Fisherman’s Memorial honoring Captain Richard Murphy. The statue is shown up-close, followed by tombstones (1:26-1:53). A 1940s Ford Tudor Sedan drives along the coast and parks (1:54-2:30). Lobster pots hang from a building (2:31-2:39). The camera films an artist painting the sailboats passing in front of him (2:40-3:00). A fishing boat passes the decorated North Sea and South Sea (3:01-3:24). Nets are detangled on turning platforms (3:25-3:53). Women pack fish into boxes on a conveyer belt (3:54-4:05). A man saws planks. Carpenters use a hatchet to smooth a hull. Insulation is added. The finished boat is launched (4:06-4:59). The Archbishop of Boston blesses the fishing boat fleet (5:00-6:05). A nurse shows a newborn to its father, school children swing, and a boy watches the waves roll over the rocks (6:06-6:55). Water sprays up-close on the Santa Maria mackerel boat, towing a smaller seine boat. A captain climbs the rope ladder to the crow’s nest (7:15-8:13). The fishing crew are shown (8:14-8:55). The captain points from the crow’s nest at a patch of what looks like boiling water, which is a school of mackerels. Seagulls swoop in for a meal (8:56-9:21). Some of the crew gets in the seine boat, which is towed in a huge circle as the seine net is deployed around the fish. The fishermen hand pull the net in (9:22-11:33). On the Santa Maria, the crew prepares for the incoming haul by putting up dividers. With the seine boat next to it, the large scoop net brings up 1,000 pounds of mackerel each time, which is dumped onto the ship and into the hatch (11:34-13:22). The boat returns at sunset and the crew excitedly talk (13:23-14:09). Storm clouds darken the sky (14:10). The lighthouse keeper climbs the winding tower stairs. The beacon shines in the darkness (14:40-14:57). A woman prays by a Mary statue for her husband’s safety (15:01). A mother holds a baby, looking out the window through the rain (15:07-15:18). Old-timers play cards. One lights his pipe (15:23-15:50). A marching band passes the camera as part of the parade celebrating Saint Peter. A 600-pound statue of him is pulled through the streets by the fishermen (15:51-16:50). A toddler sits on the curb, wearing a large 1940s bonnet (16:52). Some of the women walk in bare feet in return for answered prayers (16:55). The statue continues to be carried through the streets (17:05-17:17). A bottle rocket is set off for the fiesta (17:18). Streamers, fireworks, and balloons are mixed in with the crowd (17:19-17:45). Rowing competitions take place in seine boats (17:46-17:55). A man walks across a greased pole, trying to reach the flag but falls. More men try and fail until one succeeds (17:46-18:30). A family enjoys eating a meal of fish together (18:49-19:55).

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