MCPHS : Living on Campus at Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences


What is it like living on campus at Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences?

We asked a panel featuring Irene Stefanakos (, and students Zofia Cholodzinski and Leea Sarvela,

If you want to see the dorms, set up a student-led virtual tour of campus here

If you still have questions, you’re invited to set up a personalized one-to-one session with MCPHS admissions reps by clicking here:,

Set up an affordability meeting

MCPHS is a healthcare-focused university with a full spectrum of healthcare programs. As a teaching institution, we are passionate about our students, and they are equally passionate about advancing into careers in a vital industry. While it’s nearly impossible to put a price on building your life around your passion, we think you’ll find that MCPHS has a remarkable, all-around value for what you get in return. Find more at


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