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A last will is a document that comprises an individual’s plans regarding the distribution of their property after they pass away. If you have one on hand, you may be confident that your possessions will go to the persons of your choice. But, not having a will means that your real estate and other property will go to your next family member in the way required by the state, or it may even go to the state itself. This is why it is crucial to prepare the document and do it appropriately.

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Here’re just a few key terms that you must learn before crafting a last will:
✔ testator – an individual crafting a document
✔ beneficiary – an individual referred to in a document who is eligible for a particular part of the testator’s possessions
✔ estate – all the property of the testator left after they die
✔ executor – a person authorized to carry out the testator’s last wants regarding their property

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