Holocaust by Bullets: The Early Collaboration to Wipe Out Europe’s Jews


A grainy photo captures a cold-blooded murder in action. Men in uniform shoot a woman and two children for the “crime” of being Jewish.

This rare photographic evidence shows how Jewish families were brutally murdered—often with local cooperation—during Germany’s invasion of the Soviet Union in 1941. Join us to learn more on the 80th anniversary of one of the largest of these mass shootings, at the Babi Yar (Babyn Yar) ravine northwest of Kiev, where close to 34,000 Jewish men, women, and children were gunned down in two days. As many as two million Jews were killed with bullets and at associated massacres across former Soviet territory.

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Dr. Wendy Lower, Author, The Ravine: A Family, A Photograph, A Holocaust Massacre Revealed, and John K. Roth Professor of History & George R. Roberts Fellow, Claremont McKenna College

Dr. Elizabeth Anthony, Director, Visiting Scholars Programs, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum


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