Halloween in Salem Massachusetts Vlog (2019)


Join my halloween trip to Salem, Massachusetts! Follow me to see historic the witch house, Hocus Pocus filming locations, learn about the witch trials and more spooky fun!
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You may know by now that Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and growing up so close to Massachusetts means I have access to historic Salem, MA. This was the home of the infamous witch trials that changed the course of American history! On this vlog, we visit historic locations on a great walking tour, see locations like the Hocus Pocus house (any fans of the Sanderson sisters) and catch up with my great friends who live in the area now! As always, don’t forget to like and subscribe! Shop my channel on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2OWayii

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Hi! I’m Nick DiRamio, I publish witty/funny/sarcastic videos on all of my favorite things: pop culture, tv, lifestyle topics, toys, and comedy! Some favorite videos series I’ve created include Trying Instagram Products, Toy Commercial Commentary, and my recaps of Hallmark and Lifetime TV Movies!

One could say I’m known for my quick sense of humor, and I upload YouTube videos that explore my many personal interests like pop culture, trends, DIY’s, advertising, and toys. I’m also a great source for beauty tips and lifestyle lessons, since I worked as a makeup artist while earning my film degree at NYU. I love crafting, baking, and true crime shows!

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