George Knapp – Alien Abduction Special @COAST TO COAST AM OFFICIAL


COAST TO COAST AM – 2022. In the first half of this abduction-themed program, George Knapp welcomed experiencers Lauren Nalder and Allison, who discussed their close encounters.
Allison recounted having experiences with the paranormal as a young child, which, she claimed, included regular encounters with a “little bald man” outside her house whom she didn’t believe to be human. The missing time reported by many experiencers was also commonplace by the time Allison became an adult; often she would get flashes of memories aboard a spacecraft during the lost time periods.

Nalder claimed to have early paranormal experiences that entailed UFO observations and encounters as well. Although she didn’t see a “classic” alien until well into adulthood, she related, the angels she saw for many years before were a precursor to incidents involving ETs

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