En Mass: Coast (North Shore Massachusetts by Drone)


The chilly waters of the North Atlantic make for quite the spectacle when they meet land. Whether it’s a rocky outcropping near a famed pair of lighthouses, a beach ahead of an impending storm, or a hidden cove battling the highest tides of the season, the result is always something to behold. Compound these natural playgrounds with the ability to view them from an aerial perspective and you have a soothing view of nature that reignites a sense of symbiosis with the world around us.
The En Mass Series celebrates the hidden corners of Massachusetts. In searching for spots to fly and capture drone footage, we stumbled upon many beautiful areas that are largely unknown to even the most seasoned of New England locals.
Shot in October of 2016 at:
Loblolly Cove
Good Harbor Beach
Rafe’s Chasm
Singing Beach
Footage shot with:
DJI Phantom 4
Polar Pro NDPL filters (ND32, ND16PL, ND8PL, ND4PL)
Edited in Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015
Song: Loblolly
Artist: Matt Nasi (Music By Matt Nasi, LLC.)
Stream: soundcloud.com/musicbymattnasi/loblolly
More from this artist: MusicByMattNasi.com


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