Complete 2nd dos vaccinated🇲🇾 ||Dorje vlog


finally I got vaccine, I hope we can back to normal life,

Spacial thanks Malaysia government
and my company member for hard work all foreign employee,

in this video only information and share my vaccine Day

*after vaccine side effects,
after injection 30 minut letter I feel little bit headache and pain my injection hand
and more hungry,
after 3 hour letter going normal

Hi! I’m Dorje . On my channel, you will find my daily life style how I survive abroad as worker. I love sharing my Life story for example, how to survive as foreign worker in abroad, and also food recipes / money tips / travel stories etc.] that I have experienced and learned over the years.

My mission to help. all people to motivate, who live alone without family or leave country for work effort family, & money saving purpose, etc}.

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“stories that you don’t get to see anywhere else on my channel.
as I share different tips, experiences,

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