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Chris Aable grew up around big names in music. His father was a friend of Elvis Presley, born the same year & tiny town where both would sneak into State Fairs together. Chris’s mother was a good friend of Johnny Horton’s wife, who shared a wedding dress, now on Museum display. Chris’s great uncle, Claude King, was a regular on the first musical TV Show, the Louisiana Hayride in the 50s and won two Grammy Awards in the 60s for songs in the “Top 10”.

Chris began writing songs on piano at age nine for his famous uncle and others. At age ten, Chris joined his school orchestra playing viola and violin. While in his teens he taught himself to play Saxophone and harp. He also played keyboards in a band called Pan (after the mythical god of music) playing for audiences as large as 50,000. His songs were later published by Heartwind Publications as a book of poetry entitled “Life Songs”, which made Chris the youngest poet listed in “Who’s Who of North American Poets”.

Before going to college, Chris moved to L.A., produced a TV Pilot “Americas Craziest Home Videos” (Before America’s Funniest Home Videos) and hosted his own TV Show “Hollywood Today” interviewing over 100 celebrities. He was in numerous commercials including a regular skit on The Movie Channel. He temporarily left acting and music in the 90s to attend college, earning degrees in Human Services, and a double major for his Master’s in Psychology & Sociology. He was the first Graduate Professor to teach both Psychology and Sociology at CSULA.

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Today, Chris Aable’s focus is back on song writing a message of “Self-Evolution”-Peace, love and unity. Each of his over 100 songs demonstrate Chris’ talent for unique lyrics, superior orchestration and highly diverse instrumentation. He is a long-time member of the Screen Actors Guild and American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers.

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