Cajun Hog Roast: Cochon de Lait Festival


What is Cajun Cochon de Lait and how do you cook enough to feed thousands? This traditional method for roasting pigs forms the foundation of a famous Louisiana festival. Join in as we combine science, hog cooking, music and community traditions for this episode of Nourish – what could be better?
Welcome to NOURISH with rocket scientist and whole hog barbecue pit master, Dr. Howard Conyers! Think of this show as food for your mind, body and soul.

Host and Co-Producer: Dr. Howard Conyers Writer and Co-Producer: Christina Melton
Director and Post Production Supervisor:
Donald “DRay!” Washington
Videographer: Bennie Robertson
Graphics: Ryan Golden
Original Music: Cedric Watson & Bijou Creole, Lafayette, LA
Brass-A-Holics from New Orleans, LA
The Mike Foster Project from Baton Rouge, LA
Produced by PBS Digital Studios and Louisiana Public Broadcasting

Made possible with funding from The Corporation for Public Broadcasting


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