BRINDLEWOOD BAY EPISODE ONE! (Watch LIVE and text chat with us, or watch at any time later.)


⚡️ EPISODE 1 ⚡️ Watch our Mavens solve mysterious mUrDeRs in a quaint Massachusetts town! Every Wednesday at 7pm Eastern (6pm Central, 4pm Pacific). Watch LIVE or later!

😱 “BRINDLEWOOD BAY is a storytelling game by Jason Cordova. The players take on the rolls of the Murder Mavens mystery book club in the titular town of Brindlewood Bay. The elderly women of the book club, who are huge fans of the Gold Crown Mysteries by Robin Masterson and starring the feisty super-sleuth Amanda Delacourt, somehow keep finding themselves tangled up with local murder mysteries in real life.

😱 And there are a disturbing number of murders per capita in this sleepy little vacation town.

😱 The reason there are so many murders here are the Midwives of the Fragrant Void, cultists who worship the “chthonic monstrosities that will usher in the End of All Things.”

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