Brass Tacks Episode 1 "Pilot"


More of an introductory episode to get an insight on the personalities of some members of the pod. Opening with some social dilemmas that kicks off some hot takes, then covering the issues with Boston’s Mass and Cass addict problems briefly. As the video progresses we dive into human resilience, personal desires etc. We hope you enjoy the Content and would appreciate a like and a subscribe.

Intro 0:00
Current Celebrity Hitlist 1:19
Social Dilemma #1 5:32
Social Dilemma #2 17:30
Boston’s Drug problem (Mass and Cass) 32:30
Addiction 35:31
Sisters 40:10
Polygamy 46:06
Do you believe in love at first sight? 53:20
OnlyFans 54:37
Who got the most game? 1:01:20
Dream lifestyle 1:10:20
Remove all desires 1:13:45
Basketball 1:19:30

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