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At the time of writing this article the 2021’s iPhone lineup i.e., iPhone 13 series hasn’t launched, yet there is so much to talk about 2022’s lineup. We will be following each and every leak, rumor, and everything you should know about the next year’s iPhone lineup until its launch, so make sure to bookmark this page.

Things to know about 2022 iPhone Lineup

Apple is taking big steps with their 2022 iPhone lineup as they will be killing the smallest (Mini) iPhone size, which they carried up to two years with iPhone 12 Mini (2020), and iPhone 13 Mini (2021).

What will be 2022 iPhones be called?

Apple used to add “s” in the name when there wasn’t any major hardware or design change, like iPhone 5s, iPhone 6s. That’s not the case with the 2022 lineup, as this time we will be getting a major change, which I’ll be sharing below, so it is safe to go with iPhone 14 as the name for the 2022 lineup.

How many iPhone models will be there in 2022?

In 2020 the mini model didn’t do great as far as sales are concerned, so Apple is said to discontinue the Mini version after the 13 Series. Yet Apple is said to launch 4 variants of 14 Series, and none of them will be a mini version, the 4 variants will be as follows:

  • iPhone 14
  • iPhone 14 Max
  • iPhone 14 Pro
  • iPhone 14 Pro Max

What sizes iPhone 14 Series will come in?

According to Ross Young (Well known Display Analyst), Apple will change the display size of 2022 iPhone models when compared with 2020 and 2021 models. The 2022 iPhone series will come in the following sizes:

  • 6.1 inch – iPhone 14
  • 6.1 inch – iPhone 14 Pro
  • 6.7 inch – iPhone 14 Max
  • 6.7 inch – iPhone 14 Pro Max

iPhone 14 Series Look, Design, and Build

Image Credits: FrontPageTech

As reported by FrontPageTech, iPhone 14 series will look quite similar to iPhone 12 series and iPhone 13 series, but this time Apple will be changing up minor things. The 2022 iPhone series will have a thicker chassis compared to the 12 and 13 series, which will help Apple to completely get rid of the camera bump achieving a flat rear panel, all the camera lenses, LED Flash, LiDAR and other camera sensors will be aligned with the rear glass back.

Image Credits: FrontPageTech

Coming to the sides, according to JP Morgan Chase’s investor’s report, Apple is said to use Titanuim for iPhone 14 series, which will give a more scratch-resistant and stronger build to the side edges, plus it’s more corrosion resistant when compared to steel. This doesn’t mean all the models will be made out of Titanium, there are fair chances the Titanium could only be limited for the Pro models. Also, as reported by FrontPageTech, Apple might change the shape of volume buttons to a circle, as we saw back in the days of iPhone 4, 5, and 5s. And the speaker holes will be dropped for an elongated Speaker grill.

A full-screen iPhone, with no notch, no punch-hole, or even a foldable iPhone on which Apple has been working from early 2021, is not expected any early than 2023-24.

Will iPhone 14 Series have an Under Display Touch ID?

Image Credits: MacRumors

There are some reports by Bloomberg, Apple has been testing a way to incorporate an Under Display Touch ID for an iPhone, but it is not expected anytime soon. It seems Apple will go for only Under Display FaceID for iPhone 14 series, keeping the under-display Touch ID for future iPhones.

iPhone 14 Series Battery Improvement

Image Credits: Everything Apple Pro

As iPhone 14 Series will have a thicker chassis, Apple will definitely make use of of the extra space to fit in a bigger battery, it’s too early to comment about the exact capacity, but you can expect at least a 10% increase in the base model, i.e. iPhone 14 compared to iPhone 13. All this will definitely add some extra weight to the newer models, so be prepared for that, start working out.

Notch-less iPhone 14 Series?

In March 2021, Ming-Chi Kuo reported that Apple will ditch the famous notch introduced with iPhone X, and will go for a punch-hole display which was introduced by Huawei with their Honor View 20. Don’t worry the FaceID tech of Apple is not still stick around, but this time all that tech will be going under the display. Giving a look similar to most Android phones out there.

Image Credits: FrontPageTech

If you love to see that little notch at the of your iPhone and don’t want it to look like an Android phone (for some reason) then, there’s a possibility that the lower-end models (non-Pro), will retain a smaller notch like iPhone 13 Series.

Will iPhone 14 Series have a Type C Port or No ports at all?

Image Credits: Front Page Tech

As seen in the first look shared by FrontPageTech, unfortunately, the lightning port is likely to stay on the iPhone 14 series as well. But the renders shared by them were based on very early prototypes, also there’s a legal suit going on in the European Union, which could force Apple to switch to Type C port at least for the EU countries. So there’s a thin possibility that we could see a Type C port on iPhone 14 Series. A portless iPhone cannot be seen in the near future as Air charging tech is still in a very infant stage.

iPhone 14 Series Performance improvements

Every year the newer phones get more powerful because the newer chip inside them gets more power-efficient and raw power to handle any task thrown at it. Apple uses their A-series chip for their iPhones, and for iPhone 14 Series Apple will be using calling it A16 Bionic. It was expected to be based on 3nm architecture manufactured by TSMC, but later TSMC confirmed that they are expecting production delays of 3-4 months, making it hard for Apple to get them in time. So, as of now, we might see the A16 to be based on the 4nm process instead of 3nm.

Also, there were some reports that we could see a vapor chamber cooling system in the higher-end models of the iPhone 14 Series. We will have more clarity in the coming months.

iPhone 14 Series Camera Improvements

Image Credits: Front Page Tech

Apple will be playing big cards when it comes to cameras of the iPhone 14 Series, Ming-Chi Kuo reported that there are slight chances that Apple could be using a periscope lens manufactured by Semco, allowing optical zoom up to 10X. But there is still not any solid evidence to back it and if it happens Apple will take its own sweet time to perfect and present in its own way, so take it with a pinch of salt.

If Apple plans to delay the periscope lens, then Kuo points out that we could see a 48MP camera on the Pro models, along with 8K video recording. Another report also points out that Apple could be using a 7P element lens for the telephoto camera.

When will iPhone 14 Series launch & how much it’ll cost?

PS: It’s a made-up date

Apple is expected to follow its routine schedule for the next iPhone models as well, so it should launch in September 2022, with shipping to begin in 3-4 weeks of September. As of now, there’s no information about the pricing of the iPhone 14 series, but the prices are expected to rise by a considerable margin compared to iPhone 13 models, because of the Global Chip shortage.

Wrapping Up

So that’s all we know about the iPhone 14 Series, coming in 2022. I will keep updating this as soon as more information arrives, until the official launch. So do make sure to bookmark this page, if you haven’t yet. Do let us know which of these things are you looking forward to the most.

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