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We go into the literal underworld to explore Dungeon Rock – an underground cave in Lynn, Massachusetts dug in the 1800s by two occultists in search of a pirate and his buried treasure.

Legend has it that in 1658, this outcropping of rocks was the makeshift home of Thomas Veal (also spelled Veale), a pirate who was hiding from colonial authorities. That year, a great earthquake struck – collapsing the cave and burying Veal alive with his treasure.

Two centuries later, in the mid 1800s, a Massachusetts spiritualist named Hiram Marble purchased the land in Lynn Woods. He believed that Thomas Veal was contacting him from beyond the grave and leading him here. Marble and his son Edwin would spend 30 years digging a 174 foot tunnel in search of Veal’s remains, and his buried treasure. Both died while digging. Edwin is buried in an unmarked grave just steps from the cave’s entrance.

Some believe that the cave still hides Veal’s treasure. Others say that it is haunted by the spirit of one or both of the Marbles.

Joining us in our quest to uncover the history and mysteries of Dungeon Rock are Doneeca Thurston, Executive Director of Lynn Museum/LynnArts and Lynn Woods Reservation Park Ranger Dan Small.

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