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The legendary Celine Dion premiered her “I am: Celine Dion” documentary during a special New York screening at the Alice Tully Hall this month, and the Canadian singer received a standing ovation.

Dion, who is one of the best voices of our time, and has faced challenges after being diagnosed with stiff-person syndrome, bared it all, taking attendees on a thought-provoking journey of her life.

The theater filled up quickly, with eager fans singing along to some of Celine’s wonderful hits like “I’m Alive” and “My Heart Will Go On” as they awaited for her documentary to debut.

The Director and Producer of the film, Irene Taylor walked on the stage, and shared her incredible experience working alongside Dion, in order to effectively depict her story.

When Celine surprised attendees and walked on the stage, the crowd went bananas, in awe of sharing space with an icon. Lavern Cox and Gayle King were among the many celebrities in attendance at the premiere.

Following Taylor and Dion’s introduction to the documentary, fans and media outlets were immersed in the film that begins with Celine talking about her struggles with her rare health condition.

From talking about how her chronic neurological disorder that causes muscle stiffness has interfered with her vocal ability, to sharing family time with her sons, and walking us through her childhood, she was raw and unapologetic.

Celine, who comes from a large family of 13 brothers and sisters, shared some of the tribulations that her family endured. She recalled her mother being the backbone of the household, and always doing her best to ensure that they lacked nothing despite not always having the means.

She shared moments of her love life with her late husband René Angélil who passed in 2016, and you could see through Celine’s eyes that she still deeply heartbroken by the loss.

Although the documentary had heavy moments that were quite emotional, it had many light moments too. Dion, who is a true fashionista at heart, walked attendees through her fashion warehouse that included renowned designers and one-of-a-kind pieces.

Her eye for fashion and love for shoes is evident as she humorously mentioned,

“When a girl loves her shoes, she always makes them fit. I have worn shoes my friend, where my toes were like this (crawled up), because they didn’t have my size,” said Dion. “Every time I went to a store and I love those shoes they would say what size are you ma’am? I‘d say no you don’t understanding, what size do you have? I will make them work, I will make them fit, I will walk the shoe, the shoe doesn’t walk me.”

The Celine Dion documentary on Amazon Prime is an absolute must see and will change your whole entire perspective about who Celine Dion is.

She is a FIGHTER, who is relentless, and the epitome of someone who will never give up- and for that WE LOVE HER!

Click here to view the I AM: CELINE DION documentary.

Photos Courtesy of Dave Allocca / Amazon MGM Studios

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