What Are Your Childlike Habits?

A couple weeks ago, I saw an Instagram Story that rang true…

My favorite makeup influencer, Desi Perkins, was sharing moments from a work trip to Manhattan with her husband, Steven. She posted a photo of a pizza pan with a single slice next to a pile of crusts.

A follower then asked her: “What about those crusts?!

Her response? “Steven is a child. I can’t break his habits.

The exchange made me laugh because, as much as I’d like to think that, at 31, I’ve reached peak adulthood, I have my own habits that I’ve never grown out of. Here are a few:

* During a steamy shower, I always draw a trio of squiggly hearts on the glass door.
* I plug my nose when taking cough medicine (can’t handle the taste!).
* I cover my eyes during scary movie scenes, while sneaking peeks between my fingers.

Another habit that drives my husband, Max, bananas? When we grab fast food, I cannot resist gnawing on the straw in my cup! Even though Max loves to share plates, he will never share a drink with me because he cannot stand drinking out of my chewed up straw.

But while part of me is tempted to act more mature, a bigger part of me loves these idiosyncrasies. They show the goofy side of me that (thankfully) hasn’t grown up.

Speaking of childish behavior, this also made us laugh:

What about you? What are some of your childlike habits? Please don’t hold back!

P.S. “Three words that changed how I parent,” and the weird things we’re scared of.

(Photo from New Girl.)

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