Meta Announces Dates for Its 2024 Connect VR/AI Conference

Meta has locked in the dates for its 2024 Connect conference, where it will showcase its latest developments in A.I., V.R. and its expanding, and expensive, metaverse vision.

Meta Connect 2024

Meta Connect 2024 will be held on September 25th and 26th, with both IRL and webcast components, in Menlo Park and everywhere.

The conference, now in its third year, is where Meta has announced a range of major developments, including A.I. chatbots, Ray Ban Stories updates, new Quest V.R. models, and more.

So what can we expect from Meta this time around?

Well, speculation has been mounting that it’s close to showcasing its own AR glasses, while it also continues to pour money into its VR and metaverse development.  

Though A.I. is seemingly what Zuck and Co. are most focused on at present.

In a recent overview of its efforts to win back younger users, Meta highlighted its expanding array of open AI models and resources to help more people create with AI, while it also pointed to its efforts to build “the world’s best recommendation technology” for its algorithms.

Meta’s also given hints about its work on building the next stage of AI, including artificial general intelligence (A.G.I.). The company’s currently stockpiling Nvidia H100 chips, with a view to building the largest capacity A.I. system in the world, as it seeks to become a key leader in the A.I. development space.

With these projects in mind, I’m anticipating that Meta will announce a merging of A.I. and V.R. tech at the conference, including simplified V.R. environment creation based on conversational prompts, or even voice commands.

That seems like a key threshold in advancing V.R. take-up, enabling more people to create more experiences within virtual environments, and build exactly what they want to interact with in Meta’s apps.

I would also bet on Meta releasing its A.R. glasses to more developers (though not a commercial model as yet), while more advanced digital avatars, that can be used in more places, may also be on the cards.

We’ll find out soon – you can sign-up to receive more info about Meta Connect 2024 here.

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