Vessel at Hudson Yards to reopen, with safety changes after suicides – NBC New York

The Vessel at Hudson Yard will be reopening to the public later in 2024, but there will be some important changes in place aimed at keeping people safe.

The structure has been closed since 2021 after a string of people died by suicide at the site. Four individuals took their lives at the Vessel during an 18-month span ending in July 2021, which ultimately led to its closure.

On Thursday, a spokesperson for Hudson Yards said they developed a plan to make the structure safer. Most notably, floor-to-ceiling steel mesh will be installed on nearly every level. That mesh won’t be able to be cut or removed by visitors, the spokesperson said.

“Through a closely coordinated effort with Thomas Heatherwick and Heatherwick Studio,” the spokesperson said, noting the creator of the structure that opened in 2019, “we have developed a plan to install floor-to-ceiling steel mesh on Vessel while also preserving the unique experience that has drawn millions of visitors from around the globe. We look forward to welcoming visitors back to Vessel later this year.”

Four stairwells and the adjoining platforms will get the steel mesh barriers, which will not have any impact on the structure’s iconic look or views. That will make up about half of the area that used to be open to the public.

The first two levels of Vessel will be fully open. On the higher levels, only the portions where the steel mesh barriers have been added will reopen.

The very top floor will remain closed to the public.

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