Meta Announces Updates for Messenger, Including Group Albums and HD Photos

Meta’s announced some new updates for Messenger, including shared albums, so you can collaborate with group chat members on visual collections, the return of QR codes to connect (once again), and HD photos in-stream.

First off, on shared albums, which, as it sounds, enables you to create group photo collections in a Messenger chat.

Messenger update

As you can see in this example, shared albums will appear as stacked photo tiles in-stream, which any contributor will then be able to add their own images into.

As explained by Meta:

From chats about a recent spring break trip, to your grandma’s 80th birthday celebration, you can now create albums of photos and videos to share, organize and reminisce over the best memories and moments.”

Users will be able to create an album in-stream by adding multiple photos to the composer, while chat members will be able to add their own images once they tap into the collection.

Messenger update

You’ll also be able to get back to the album at any time, even after the chat moves on, by tapping on the group chat name, then tapping “Media”.

It could be a good way to facilitate more collaboration and engagement within your chats, while it could also serve as a central feed of memes, product photos, examples, etc.

Meta says that the option will be rolling out in Messenger “over the coming weeks”. 

Next up is HD photos, which will further refine your visual experience in the app.

Messenger update

As you can see in this example, you can now add higher definition images in-stream, which will be great for those looking to share the latest visuals of their holidays, art works, etc.

To send an HD photo, you’ll first select an image within the chat composer, then turn the HD toggle on in your options. You then tap “Send”. That’s it.

You can also send multiple images in HD by following the same process.

So, now you can share higher quality uploads, so your friends can really zoom in on the detail, if they choose.

Meta’s also making another push on QR codes, which is something that it seems to come back to every few years.

Messenger update

As you can see in this example, now, you can access your individual Messenger QR code from your app settings, which you can then offer to people to scan in, facilitating easier connection.

Which, again, has actually been a thing on Messenger since 2016, in varying form, and reappears every now and then as a refreshed, re-branded feature.

But it’s not really new, it’s just another way to streamline connection, though now it’s more easily accessible once again within your Messenger settings.

Finally, Messenger users can also now share files up to 100MB in size within a chat.

Messenger update

As you can see in this sequence, the new file-sharing option enables you to add a file from your device, and send it in the app.

Meta says that all major file formats are supported, including Word, PDF, Excel and zip.

Which could open up new use cases for the app, while also bringing it more into line with WhatsApp (though you can actually send 2 GB files on WhatsApp).

These are some interesting updates, which will expand on the opportunities of Messenger connection, and provide more ways for users to engage and interact.

And there’s a range of ways in which these could be used. And given the broader shift towards private messaging for connection, as opposed to social feed posting, considering how you can utilize these updates could be valuable.

You can learn more about the latest Messenger updates here.

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