16 Best Places To Sell Clothes For Cash

Are you looking for the best places to sell clothes in person and online? Selling your clothes is a great way to clean up your closet and make extra money. You might have clothes you don’t wear anymore because they don’t fit, aren’t your style, or are just taking up space. But did you know…

Are you looking for the best places to sell clothes in person and online?

Selling your clothes is a great way to clean up your closet and make extra money. You might have clothes you don’t wear anymore because they don’t fit, aren’t your style, or are just taking up space.

But did you know you can turn them into cash? There are lots of places online and in your local area where you can sell your clothes. You can sell them on websites that reach people all over, or you can go to local stores that buy and sell clothes for quick cash.

I personally worked at a secondhand clothing shop when I was younger for several years – so I understand how great they are, especially when it comes to being able to make extra money.

I have also sold tons of clothing over the years, both online and in person. I even had a small clothing resale business at one point. So, I know a lot about how to sell used clothes!

Where To Sell Used Clothes Online

Selling used clothes online is a good idea if you want to make extra money.

Below are the best places to sell used clothes online.

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1. ThredUp

ThredUp is an online store that sells clothes and accessories for women, men, and kids. All you have to do is ask for a Clean Out Kit, send in your items, and ThredUp takes care of everything else.

If you have clothes you don’t wear anymore, ThredUp makes it simple to sell them. You’ll want to make sure they’re clean and in good shape and order a Clean Out Kit from ThredUp.

This is a big bag that you fill with your clothes and send back to them. ThredUp then checks out what you sent and figures out what they can sell (they look for good quality and styles they can sell). That’s their way to make sure someone else will love to wear what you send in.

Plus, if the items don’t fit ThredUp’s needs, you can decide to donate them to help others.

2. Poshmark

Poshmark is an app and website where you can sell gently used clothes, shoes, bags, and jewelry. This is one of the best places to sell clothes online.

On Poshmark, you can sell all different kinds of brands, such as Adidas, Nike, Old Navy, Free People, Zara, Lululemon, and more.

On this site, you would be doing most of the work yourself. You have to make the clothing listings, write the descriptions, take the pictures, and set your own pricing.

When you’re deciding how much to charge for your items, it’s up to you. Think about how much you originally paid and the condition of the item. But remember to be fair! Buyers might want a discount, and you can lower the price if you want to sell faster.

After your item sells, you need to ship it to the buyer. Once they receive it, they’ll inspect it. They have three days to do this. If everything’s okay, you’ll get paid. If you don’t hear from them after three days, Poshmark will give you your money.

Keep in mind the fees. Poshmark takes a cut for their services. If you sell something for less than $15 on Poshmark, they take a flat fee of $2.95, and you keep the rest. If you sell something for $15 or more, you keep 80% of the sale, and Poshmark takes a 20% commission.

3. eBay

EBay is a well-known website where people from all over the world buy and sell things. You can sell almost anything you can think of, from clothes to rare collectibles.

I’ve personally sold lots of clothes on eBay over the years, and I know people who’ve sold everything from old toys to classic cars and done really well.

With eBay, you have to do pretty much everything yourself. But, that means that you can potentially make more money.

You start by creating a listing with a starting bid. This is the lowest price you’d accept for your clothes. Don’t set this too high, because you want people to start bidding and spark interest.

You can also decide how long your clothing is for sale. A shorter auction can lead to a fast sale. Most last for 7 days, but a 3-day auction could create a sense of urgency. Think about when your auction ends too. Ending on a weekend can catch more bidders who are free to watch the final moments of the auction.

EBay has two main types of fees when you sell something: an insertion fee when you first list your item and a final value fee when your item is sold.

4. Depop

Depop is an app for shopping, and it is very popular among younger customers. It’s a platform where you can sell many different kinds of items, such as clothes.

Depop is a great place for a wide range of styles too.

Selling on Depop is easy. Take some good photos of the clothes you want to sell, and make sure they’re clear and show off the item nicely. Write a simple but detailed description. Include the size, material, and fit. If it’s a well-known brand, mention that too. This helps people find your items when they’re searching.

5. Etsy

If you enjoy making your own clothes or have some old outfits, Etsy is the place to sell them and make some money. This online marketplace allows you to sell handmade clothes and any vintage clothing.

To help possible buyers find your clothing listings, you will want to have great photos and write helpful descriptions for the clothing that you want to sell.

To sell your clothes on Etsy, set up a shop and list your items. Each listing costs $0.20, and when your clothes sell, you pay a fee on the sale price too. This includes what you charge for shipping. If you use Etsy Payments, they take an extra 3% plus $0.25.

For me, I love how Etsy is different in this way from other places with clothing for sale – these pieces are typically more unique and interesting.

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6. Instagram

I follow several people on Instagram who sell their used clothing right on their accounts.

It makes sense – if you follow the person, you may like their style. So, it makes it easy for them to sell the clothing that they have.

If this is you, even if you just have a small amount of followers, you may be able to list the clothing you want to sell right on your Instagram account. This could be through new posts or in Instagram stories. You could even add hashtags to your social media posts so that non-followers can find your clothing items for sale as well.

When you have a buyer, they may pay you through PayPal, Venmo, or even cash. You may be shipping the clothing directly to them or exchanging in person (if they live nearby).

I have personally bought used clothing on social media before, after seeing someone that I follow sell their clothes on their account. I knew I loved their style (and had actually seen pictures of them wearing the clothing item) so I actually prefer to buy clothes this way.

Another related idea would be to sell clothing on your blog. When this blog (Making Sense of Cents) was a newer blog, I actually sold some of my used clothing right here in blog posts, haha! It was so easy and I didn’t have to pay anyone any fees. I had readers buy my used clothes, and I would put the items in a box and ship it straight to them through the USPS. Everything was handled through blog posts and emails.

7. Kidizen

I’m sure you’ve noticed how quickly kids grow out of their clothes. Your little ones might outgrow their clothes before they even get a chance to really wear them.

And, that’s where Kidizen comes in. This is a popular online platform where you can buy and sell kids’ clothes that are in good condition.

If you have a bunch of baby clothes that are hardly worn or a pile of small-sized shirts lying around, Kidizen makes it easy and smart to sell them.

It’s simple to list your items on this site. You just take a picture, describe the clothing item, and set your price. Parents like you are always searching for great deals, so your used kids’ clothes could find a new home fast.

8. Mercari

Mercari is a popular online marketplace where you can sell clothes, electronics, and collectibles. It’s a popular site with over 350,000 listings posted every day!

Listing your item is simple on the Mercari app: just upload photos, choose a category, set your price, and you’re good to go.

Once you sell and ship your item, and the buyer is happy, you get paid.

Best Places To Sell Clothes

Where To Sell Used Clothes in Person

A big positive of selling used clothes in person is that you can typically make cash right on the spot, without having to wait for anything to sell. However, you will typically earn a little less money because the store is doing all of the work for you.

Below are the best places to sell used clothes in person.

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9. Plato’s Closet

Plato’s Closet is a popular store where you can find stylish, gently used clothes and accessories for teens and young adults. It’s also one of the most popular secondhand stores where you can get cash up front for your items. They have many locations in the United States and Canada.

I personally worked at Plato’s Closet when I was younger for around 5 years, so I have both bought and sold items and paid cash up front. I have also probably sold thousands of dollars of clothes to Plato’s Closet over the years, so I know this store very well from both sides (both as working as a buyer as well as selling my own clothes to the store).

If you are wondering what you can sell to Plato’s Closet, think of what a teen or young adult might want to wear – that’s what Plato’s Closet is after. So, if you have clothes in good shape, without stains, and something you’d see at the mall, you’re on the right track.

To sell clothes to Plato’s Closet:

  • Call your closest Plato’s Closet and find out what times they are buying clothes and what they are currently looking for. Sometimes, they are looking for specific seasons, such as summer clothing.
  • Bring in the items you want to sell. This could be pants, shirts, dresses, shoes, and more.
  • A staff member will look through your stuff and give you cash on the spot for what they can buy.

Every Plato’s Closet store is different because local business owners run them.

Oh, and another great thing about selling to Plato’s Closet is that you can bring a lot of clothes in to sell. So, if you want to learn how to sell used clothes in bulk, this is a great place to start with because they make it easy.

10. Facebook Marketplace

Using Facebook Marketplace is a simple way to sell things to people in your area. It’s a convenient way to find buyers for items like clothing. After all, almost everyone has Facebook.

To get started, go to Facebook and click on Marketplace from the home page. Then, click the button that says “Sell Something.”

You’ll need to provide some details about your clothes, like choosing a category, writing a short description, setting your price, and adding a photo of the item.

Once you’ve done all that, click Next and then Post. And there you go, your clothes are now up for sale!

11. Buffalo Exchange

Buffalo Exchange is a popular chain of secondhand stores (similar to Plato’s Closet) in the U.S., where you can buy and sell a variety of clothes and accessories.

They buy clothes on the spot, such as shirts, pants, skirts, dresses, shoes, jewelry, and more.

When you sell items to them, you can either get 25% of the selling price in cash or 50% in store credit for anything they purchase from you (you get to choose).

I have sold to Buffalo Exchange a few times, and they have a very easy process.

12. Once Upon a Child

Once Upon A Child is similar to Plato’s Closet. They buy gently used children’s clothing, toys, and equipment (such as strollers).

They don’t typically pay a ton, but they also price things relatively low.

You can get cash on the spot for the things that they buy.

where to sell used clothes for cash online

Where to sell luxury clothes

If you have more expensive items, then selling them on luxury sites may be the best way to make the most money.

Below are the best places to sell luxury clothes and accessories.

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13. The RealReal

The RealReal is a luxury consignment online store that specializes in selling high-end items like designer clothing, shoes, and fine jewelry. When you sell your items through them, you can earn up to 85% of the selling price.

Buyers feel good shopping on this platform because every item is checked to be sure it’s real. That means when you sell your designer things, they need to be real.

On this site, you can sell brands like Chanel, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Prada.

To sell on this site, you can send your items to The RealReal for them to sell (they give you a prepaid shipping label). If your items are the kind they want, this can be an easy way for you to make some money as you don’t have to list anything yourself.

14. Grailed

Grailed is a marketplace specifically for men’s clothing, focusing on high-end and streetwear brands.

Grailed sells a wide range of authentic items, such as fancy designer pieces, trendy streetwear, and unique vintage finds. Whether you’re into limited edition sneakers or elusive designer brands, Grailed sells them. Plus, buyers can trust that they’re authentic because their experts verify all the items for sale.

Listing your items on Grailed is free. When your item sells, Grailed takes a small fee of 9% on top of the payment processing fees. If you’re selling to people in the U.S., there’s a standard fee. But if your buyer is across the globe, there’s a different fee.

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15. Rebag

Rebag is an online consignment store specializing in high-end designer handbags, along with shoes, watches, apparel, and other accessories. They purchase items up front, and give upfront payment to sellers so you can make extra cash.

Here’s how Rebag works:

  1. Check the value of your bag. You can do this on their website by submitting details about your bag. For many styles, you could receive an instant offer. If not, you’ll get an email with a quote within two business days.
  2. You can then choose one of three easy methods: Consign, Trade, or Buyout. With Consign, your earnings come after your bag sells. Trade lets you swap your bag for another one you want. Buyout is when you sell your bag outright for cash.

16. Vestiaire Collective (formerly known as Tradesy)

Vestiaire Collective is a website where women can sell their designer clothes, handbags, and accessories. Listing your items is easy, and the brands they sell include top names like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Chanel, Prada, Hermès, and more.

You don’t have to worry about shipping costs – they’ve got that covered for you. Plus, their expert team authenticates each item, so buyers trust what they purchase.

How To Sell Used Clothing

Okay, so now that you’ve learned about all of the best places to sell used clothes, both locally and online, now I want to help you figure out how to sell used clothing so that you can make the most extra money.

When you start selling clothes online, it begins with choosing the right platform for you and knowing the potential costs involved. Then, you prepare your clothes to attract buyers.

Choosing the right platform

To start, decide where to sell your clothes. I listed out many different options above to help you get started.

If you’re selling vintage items, a site like Etsy is best. But, if you have luxury goods, then The RealReal or Vestiaire Collective is most likely a better choice.

If you have more normal, affordable clothing, then selling clothing on eBay or in person at Plato’s Closet may be better.

If you have kid’s clothes to sell, then Once Upon a Child or Kidizen are probably better choices.

Keep in mind that the best platform for you depends on the type of clothes you’re selling, whether they are accessories or everyday wear, as well as how fast you would like to be paid and how much money you want to be paid.

Understanding seller fees and commissions

Understanding the fees and commissions is so important.

Some companies may pay you cash up front, but they may pay you less because they are doing a lot more of the work. For others, you may be doing all of the work, such as creating the listings, taking pictures, and interacting with potential buyers – and you can make more money.

Most platforms take a percentage of your sale, so it’s important to set your prices accordingly to make sure that you make the profit you want.

Preparing your clothes for sale

Whether you are selling your clothing online or at a store near you, you will want to make sure that your clothes look their best. This means:

  • Clothes should be freshly washed.
  • Check that they’re free from stains or tears.
  • Fix any missing buttons or loose threads.
  • Iron out wrinkles to make them look neat.
  • Take clear and bright photos to show off the quality and details.
  • Write honest and detailed descriptions for your listings.

Doing these extra steps may help you earn more money and sell your used clothing quicker.

Avoiding scams and protecting yourself

Just like with anything that involves money, there are scams that you may come across. So, you will want to be safe!

Here are some of my tips:

  • Always check a buyer’s reviews before you agree to a sale. This simple step can save you from a headache later on. If the site allows you to read buyer reviews, then this can be a good idea, especially if you are selling something that is high value.
  • Every website has its own rules, called “Terms of Service.” Read them. Know them. It’s like a rule book for selling your clothes without getting into trouble.
  • Meeting a buyer in person? Choose a busy place like a coffee shop or the parking lot at a police station. Tell a friend where you’ll be. Trust your gut and if something feels off, it’s okay to back out.
  • If a deal sounds too good to be true, guess what? It probably is. Don’t ship your clothes unless you’ve got the payment. Use secure payment methods and keep your personal info to yourself.

I was scammed once when I was selling used clothing. Thankfully, it was only once. A buyer bought something on eBay from me, and when they received it, they claimed it wasn’t what was in the pictures of the listing I made. They took a picture of something that they must’ve already owned and sent that to eBay. Since it was one of my first sales, I didn’t really know what I was doing, so I had no proof that they were lying. EBay sided with the scammer/buyer and I had to refund the money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to common questions about the best places to sell your clothing and accessories.

Which site is best for selling clothes?

Poshmark, eBay, ThredUp, and Facebook Marketplace are great sites to sell your clothes online. I have sold many clothes online, from single items like shirts and pants to bulk listings (such as many shirts of a similar style and size) online, and these platforms make it incredibly easy to make extra money decluttering your closet.

How do I sell my clothes right away?

To sell your clothes quickly, I highly recommend going to local thrift stores near you to see if they will buy your used clothing. Stores like Plato’s Closet, Buffalo Exchange, and Once Upon A Child will pay you cash the same day. If you have a little more time, then selling through apps like Depop or Poshmark may get you a little more money.

Will Plato’s Closet give you money for your clothes?

Yes, Plato’s Closet will pay you for your clothes. They are a retail store that buys and sells gently used clothing and accessories for teens and young adults. When you take your clothes to Plato’s Closet, they’ll review them and offer you cash on the spot for items they think they can resell.

Where can I sell my clothes for cash near me?

You can sell your clothes for cash at local consignment stores, thrift shops, or buy-sell-trade businesses like Plato’s Closet and Buffalo Exchange. Look up stores in your area, check their selling policies, and bring in your clothes during buying hours. Remember, many local consignment shops technically don’t pay cash up front and instead pay you cash once the item sells – so make sure you are aware of the terms before you agree to them.

The Best Places To Sell Clothes – Summary

I hope you enjoyed this article on the best places to sell clothes for money.

Selling your stuff can be done both online and in person, depending on what works best for you. Online options are convenient, while selling in person means you get paid right away.

When thinking about where to sell your clothes, think about what kind of clothes you have and what you want to achieve by selling them. Different websites specialize in different types of clothes. Some focus on everyday brands, while others are all about luxury or vintage items. There are even places online just for selling kids’ clothes. If you go the online route, many sites make it easy by sending you a kit to send your clothes in the mail.

Whichever option you choose, make sure your clothes are clean and in good shape so you can make the most money possible.

Have you sold your used clothes before? What do you think is the best way to sell clothing for cash?

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