RENASSENSE drops music video for ‘Lust’ from ‘Human Experience’ EP

RENASSENSE drops music video for ‘Lust’ from ‘Human Experience’ EPRenassense Lust 1

San Francisco-based RENASSENSE, an artist known for her unfiltered honesty and profound sincerity, melds vulnerability, connection, and authenticity into her music, crafting sounds that invite listeners into a journey of introspection and reflection. Her latest music video, a sexualized exploration of primal passion features the lead single “Lust” from latest EP “Human Experience.” The song and it’s accompanying video encapsulate the magnetic pull of desire and the yearning for connection through a blend of melodic techno and progressive house. RENASSENSE’s artistry shines as she explores the depths of human connection, identity, and the pursuit of meaning on the Human Experience EP. With tracks that delve into empathy, creativity, music, and pain, RENASSENSE’s music explores a narrative of self-discovery, self-love, and the beauty of human connection, offering a reminder of the power of personal reflection and positive transformation.



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