Threads Makes Drafts and In-Stream Camera Available to All users

After testing them out in selected regions over the past few weeks, Threads has now announced that it’s rolling out its new in-stream camera and post draft options to all users.

Threads camera

As you can see in these examples, now, when you exit out of an in-progress post, you’ll have the option to “Save Draft”, which will then make your draft post available via the bottom compose button.

Users can currently only save one draft post, so it’s not exactly like the draft options available in other apps, but it does provide another way to save and think about your posts.

The camera button, meanwhile, enables you to take a photo in-stream, though not video as yet. Users can currently only take one photo per post.

As noted, Threads has been testing both functions with selected users over the past few weeks, and is now satisfied that the system is stable enough for an expanded launch.

It’s not a major shift, and Threads is still functionally a long way behind the other big social apps. But it’s a start, and as Threads continues to add more functions, it moves more into line with leading players, and provides more options for interaction and usage.

Expect Threads to expand on both functions in the coming months.

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