The Rookie – Trouble in Paradise

Tonight’s episode of “The Rookie,” took a wild turn, transforming Nolan and Bailey’s honeymoon from dreamy to downright nightmarish. What started off as a romantic getaway, quickly descended into a thrilling saga of suspense and danger, far from the luxurious escape they’d imagined. Their plush retreat turned out to be a dud, but that was just the beginning. 

Nolan’s decision to document the vacation with an array of cameras, inadvertently captured a creepy man spying on them through the window for an hour as they slept. This harrowing discovery, paired with the discovery of a dead body on the beach, propelled the storyline into dark and unexpected territory. Nolan, with just a sliver of cell service, sent out an SOS to Harper back at Mid-Wilshire, highlighting the dire straits that he and Bailey were in- no cops, no help, just them and a potential threat to their lives on the island. Thankfully, Grey green-lighted a giddy Harper and Lopez to jet off to the rescue, because what working mom wouldn’t want a paid vacation? Unfortunately for the rescue mission, Nolan was able to rescue himself and the women ended up flying right back to the station, where a gleeful Grey revelled in their disappointment. Regrettably, the honeymoon scenes were difficult to watch in more ways than one. All of the scenes with Bailey and Nolan were captured with a handheld camcorder and although this was intended to thrust viewers into the thick of the action, it ended up being more dizzying than thrilling. 

“Trouble in Paradise” – THE ROOKIE, Pictured: Nathan Fillion as John Nolan and Jenna Dewan as Bailey Nune. Photo: Raymond Liu/Disney ©2024 All Rights Reserved

Parallel to the honeymoon horror, Celina dealt with the fallout from her last-minute solo mission last episode, finding herself stuck driving with Sergeant Bradford, which was nerve-wracking enough. But then there was her awkward situation with Aaron, trying to navigate the aftermath of their kiss last week. According to Aaron’s Psychiatrist, the kiss was a classic case of trauma-bonding, but despite her advice to have an adult conversation with Celina and give her space, he decided to buy her a laptop to smooth things over. Talk about misreading the Dr. London’s guidance. Luckily, the two managed to finally have an adult conversation, ultimately deciding that their friendship was worth saving. 

“Trouble in Paradise” – THE ROOKIE, Pictured: Tru Valentino as Aaron Thorsen and Lisseth Chavez as Celina Suarez. Photo: Raymond Liu/Disney ©2024 All Rights Reserved

Lucy’s storyline, focusing on her preparation for the detective’s exam, offered a lighter element to the episode. The banter between Tim and Lucy, and his tough-love approach to her over-preparing, were a highlight, but the cherry on top was her allowing Smitty to help her prepare. Naturally, his suggestion was to gain Lieutenant Primm’s favour, by using what he enjoys to her advantage. For those who aren’t up to speed, Primm had it out for Lucy for spear-heading the five player trade to get Tim into Metro. Despite Lucy holding her own amidst the psychological mind-games that Primm played to get her to the exam, she ultimately did not make detective. Thankfully, Tim was there to pick up the pieces, showing her just how much he believed in her when he revealed that he thought she would come in first place. His, “you could never disappoint me,” line definitely had Chenford fans swooning. Although the final Chenford scene was sweet, Lucy’s disappointment over not making detective felt swept under the rug. Lucy has been a patrol officer for way too long, she deserves a promotion. Hopefully there is a bigger plan in store for her character. She absolutely deserves it. 

“Trouble in Paradise” – THE ROOKIE, Pictured: Eric Winter as Tim Bradford and Melissa O’Neil as Lucy Chen Photo: Raymond Liu/Disney ©2024 All Rights Reserved

While the handheld camerawork in Nolan and Bailey’s storyline may have polarized some viewers, the episode reaffirmed the show’s commitment to pushing boundaries and trying new things. It was another solid installment in a strong sixth season so far. Your turn, Rookie fans! What did you think of the episode? Have Celina and Aaron managed to move forward with their friendship? What did you think of Lucy not making detective? Do you hope there is a bigger plan in store for her? Share your thoughts below and follow me on Twitter @MiddleofCanada.

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