Child brings gun to school in Brooklyn – NBC New York


A gun was recovered from the backpack of an 8-year-old child at a Brooklyn public school Thursday, authorities say.

The boy, a student at P.S. 158, The Warwick Community School, on Ashford Street allegedly had been involved in some altercation with another child a day earlier. It wasn’t clear if that happened on or off school property.

Authorities later clarified the gun wasn’t loaded. No injuries were reported.

The child was taken into NYPD custody after the gun was found Thursday. No further details on the weapon or the boy’s parents were immediately available.

The Department of Education condemned the discovery, saying, “guns have absolutely no place in the hands of our young people.”

“It’s extremely worrying when a child this young has access to such a dangerous weapon, and we are grateful for the partnership of our school communities in keeping our young people safe each day,” the DOE statement continued. “All safety procedures were followed in response to this incident, and all students and staff are safe. We’re working closely with NYPD and ACS on follow-up actions, and to ensure this young person receives the supports they need.”

The school was made aware of the incident Thursday. Letters are being sent home to families later in the day.


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