Water From Your Eyes’ Nate Amos Announces This Is Lorelei Album, Shares New Video: Watch

This Is Lorelei, the solo project of Water From Your Eyes’ Nate Amos, has announced a new album. Box for Buddy, Box for Star arrives June 14 via Double Double Whammy. He’s shared the new song “Dancing in the Club,” a character study of the romantic screw-up archetype, with a music video directed by Joey Agresta. Watch it below.

Although Box for Buddy, Box for Star is the latest in a long line of solo records by Amos as This Is Lorelei, it’s technically the first solo full-length album that he’s written with a traditional LP release format in mind. Its confessional, diaristic pop songs play with singer-songwriter cliches, often with self-reflection at the forefront.

“I had just finished a tour with Water From Your Eyes, during which I laid on the ground at Stonehenge for 40 minutes and decided to stop smoking weed,” Amos explained. “Initially, this album was just a challenge to make music without getting high, and I was worried I wouldn’t come up with anything at all. I isolated myself from pretty much everyone and wrote songs all summer. I was pretty broke and significantly depressed, but also in a sort of healthy mental demolition mode, trying to reimagine how I wanted to move forward with my life. For better or worse, what I made ended up being a delayed recovery album, largely dealing with more significant addictions that I kicked a year earlier.”

Water From Your Eyes followed Everyone’s Crushed, one of the best albums of 2023, with a remix album and a Ween cover. Last year, Amos’ Water From Your Eyes bandmate, Rachel Brown, also released two new projects as Thanks for Coming: the compilation You Haven’t Missed Much and the What Is My Capacity to Love? EP.

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