What Biden Is Thinking About the 2024 Election

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Despite hand-wringing among Democrats about Joe Biden’s age and his discouraging poll numbers, the President’s campaign for reëlection displays an “ostentatious level of serenity,” Evan Osnos says about the election. “This is a matter of great personal importance to Joe Biden. He feels, almost viscerally, this contempt for Trump and for what Trump did to the country,” Osnos tells David Remnick, after a rare private interview at the White House. “And let’s remember, he didn’t just try to steal this election; from Biden’s perspective, he tried to steal it from him.” But threats to the President’s reëlection are many. The war in Gaza has alienated many voters from Biden, especially in Arab American communities, and the Israel-Palestinian conflict has also been felt on a global scale. “When Houthi rebels started firing rockets at ships in the Red Sea,” Osnos points out, “it had an immediate effect on global shipping, to the point that it could have, and could yet still, push inflation back up. . . . I know this is the worst cliché in journalism, but this election has an element that is beyond anything we’ve ever really dealt with before.” Plus, the reporter Kara Swisher on “Burn Book,” her account of many years on the tech beat, and the moguls controlling companies she compares to nation-states. She had been on good terms with Elon Musk for many years, but “I don’t know what happened to him,” she says. “I’m not a psychiatrist. But I think as he got richer and richer . . . there are always enablers around people that make them think they hung the moon.”

What Biden Is Thinking About the 2024 Election

The staff writer Evan Osnos went to the White House for a rare, frank talk with the President about his reëlection battle. Can he convince voters that his accomplishments outweigh his age?

Kara Swisher on Tech Billionaires: “I Don’t Think They Like People”

One of the most influential Silicon Valley reporters chronicles the rise of an industry, and moguls like Elon Musk, in “Burn Book.”

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