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fiat car

fiat car

What are you up to this weekend? We’re hanging out with my mom, who is now an assistant teacher for second graders. She tells us the cutest stories — like when a little boy fell asleep on the sofa in class, and they took a class photo around him, which delighted him when he woke up. Hope you have a good one, and here are a few fun links from around the web…

Today, our Big Salad newsletter features Simone Kitchens, who shares the perfect travel shoes, a trick for making friends, and her gorgeous home. Read everything here (paywalled).

Wearing these comfy black pants on repeat.

Oooh, a chocolate pavlova.

Wait, is this dinner party game for real? “The person who correctly guesses then has the glass of water thrown in their face.”

This cookbook cover made me laugh.

The pleasure — and pain — of polar plunging. “I can see broken chunks of iceberg inching toward the ship I’m on. The ambient temperature is 29 Fahrenheit…The air whips against my bare skin. The water below is a dark azure, its depths unimaginable. It’s my turn to jump.”

10 people call someone to say, “I love you,” sobbbbb.

Bring back the unfiltered celebrity press run. “Tina Fey knows words have consequences; in 2019, she called the Met Gala a ‘jerk parade’ and has not been invited back since. The fear of a rescinded red carpet invite would keep a lot of celebrities quiet, even if they didn’t actually enjoy the party. This is why it’s so startling when celebrities do openly express their opinions — like Hugh Grant, who, when asked about making Wonka, responded: ‘I couldn’t have hated the whole thing more.’ ” (Harper’s Bazaar)

Finally! A truly great-fitting white T-shirt.

My dad and I both play NYTimes Connections every day. You, too? It can be tough!

Cool wildlife photos.


Plus, two reader comments:

Says Samantha on 15 reader comments on everything: “A few years ago, my sisters and I (all grown women) were carrying my mom’s birthday cake to her, all the candles lit, and we started singing happy birthday. We started too low and weirdly too slowly, even though we’ve been singing it our whole lives? Anyway, it sounded like a funeral dirge, and we all started laughing so hard, I was afraid we were going to drop the cake in my mom’s lap. Mom was laughing so hard she was crying, Dad was laughing so hard he couldn’t take pictures. We still crack up about it from time to time! I’m getting that tingly feeling of suppressed laughter as I think about it now. A truly great family memory.”

Says Ceridwen on 15 reader comments on everything: “A memory that always makes me laugh is when my two-year-old daughter was sitting on a bench eating a snack and chatting and she looked so damn gorgeous. I said to her, ‘I love you, Amaya,’ and she says, without looking up, ‘And I love Dad.’”

(Photo by J.R. Photography/Stocksy.)

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