Heavy Copper PCB Manufacturing

What is the Heavy Copper PCB?

Heavy Copper PCB manufacturer belongs to a special process, with a certain technical threshold and operating difficulty, the cost is relatively expensive, in FR-4 layer bonding a layer of copper foil, when the completion of copper thickness ≥2oz, defined as Heavy Copper PCB board. Heavy Copper PCB has very good extension performance, is not limited by the processing temperature, high melting point can be used oxygen blowing, low temperature is not brittle and other hot melt welding, and also fireproof, belongs to non-combustible materials, Heavy Copper PCB thickness is different, the specific application occasions are also very different.

Heavy Copper PCB high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, mainly used in the products with power savings, especially need to run high voltage and current electronic products is the need for Heavy Copper PCB. Heavy Copper PCB needs multi-layer screen printing and multi-layer welding and multi-layer copper plating, Heavy Copper PCB because of the use of PCB and signal of the current size and thickness of the different, complete copper thickness ≥2oz plate called Heavy Copper PCB, 2oz finished copper thick, manual printing a screen printing is not enough to fill the gap between the lines, must be printed two welding resistance. When PCB production meets 2oz and thicker, it will be noted in the resistance: Heavy Copper PCB, need two screen printing, in order to achieve no redness of the line, the line surface negative welding thickness is greater than 10um. Copper plating generally includes primary copper, secondary copper, and primary copper. The main purpose of primary copper plating is to provide sufficient copper thickness for secondary copper etching, so as to ensure that the copper thickness after secondary copper etching can meet the customer’s standard requirements.

Hitech Circuits currently offers 1-32 layers of PCB fabrication with samples up to 28oz copper thickness, batch sizes up to 10oz, minimum laser borehole 0.1mm and minimum mechanical borehole 0.15mm.


What is Heavy Copper PCB


2. Performance and advantages of Heavy Copper PCB

Heavy Copper PCB has the characteristics of carrying high current, reducing thermal strain, and good heat dissipation. Not limited by the processing temperature, high melting point can be used oxygen blowing, low temperature is not brittle and other hot melt welding, and fire prevention, belongs to non-combustible materials. Even in extremely corrosive atmospheres, copper sheet forms a strong, non-toxic passivation protective layer.

The advantage of Heavy Copper PCB

Heavy Copper PCB is widely used in various home appliances, high-tech products, medical and other electronic equipment. The application of Heavy Copper PCB makes the circuit board, the core component of electronic equipment products, have a longer service life, and also helps to simplify the volume of electronic equipment. The application field and demand of Heavy Copper PCB have been rapidly expanded in recent years, and it has become a kind of “hot” PCB variety with good market development prospects.

The vast majority of Heavy Copper PCB are plates with high current (current x voltage = power). The main application fields of Heavy Copper PCB are two main fields: power module (power module) and automotive electronic parts. Its main terminal electronic product areas, some of the same as the conventional PCB(such as portable electronic products, network products, base station equipment, etc.), and some of the conventional PCB areas, such as automotive, industrial control, power module, etc.

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