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The New York City Public Schools system announced Monday the launch of a new mobile app that will allow parents to track their children’s bus routes to and from school.

Parents can access the app’s services by logging in through their New York City Schools Account (NYCSA). To do this, you must contact your child’s school to obtain their student identification number. The NYC School Bus app can be downloaded here.

If you have any difficulty creating a NYCSA account, follow these steps:

  • Please contact your child’s school to confirm that their information appears correctly in NYCPS student information systems and request any other support you need to create an NYCSA account.
  • If you have created an NYCSA account but are still unable to access the NYC School Bus Caregiver application, please contact the parent coordinator at your child’s school to verify that the required documentation is properly linked in NYCPS student information systems.

The app is available through a partnership between the city’s public school system and Via, who will provide the software for DOE buses and drivers.

A short list of instructions on how to use the app is available here.

Can the app be accessed without a smartphone?

There will be a web version of the NYC School Bus app that can be accessed via a laptop or desktop computer.

Your school or district office can help you with transportation information if you do not have access to a computer.

Who can use the NYC School Bus app?

The NYC School Bus app will be available to families of students who receive bus transportation from the New York City Department of Education, including public, private and charter school students.

Can I track more than one child on the buses?

Yes, multiple children can be tracked on the free app.

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