Here’s the official list of Motorola smartphones getting Android 14

Some companies, like Samsung, have almost finished their rollouts of Android 14 for dozens of devices already. Others, not so much. Today we’re talking about Motorola. The brand has published information about which devices it will update to the latest version of the OS across its website.

It’s not an easily accessible list, mind you – you have to search for a particular device and only then, on each device’s page, will you get any indication of whether you should expect Android 14 to come your way.

Here's the official list of Motorola smartphones getting Android 14

Thankfully, the folks over at YTECHB have gone through all of the devices and compiled an actual list, which we’re sharing with you now. Keep in mind that there are no release timelines attached – so this only tells us which devices are going to, at some point, be blessed with Android 14, not when the rollout will start.

Okay, so here goes:

Motorola Razr Phones:

Motorola Edge Series Phones:

Motorola G Series Phones:


Recently, the Moto G53 got the Android 14 update in earnest, while the Moto G54 got a beta build of through Motorola’s Feedback Network, so testing is clearly underway. Hopefully it won’t take long before stable rollouts begin for other devices as well. This list can be expanded by Motorola at any point in the future, so if your device isn’t on it, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will never get Android 14, but it probably does mean it won’t happen anytime soon.


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