LinkedIn’s Rolling Out a New Sponsored Post Option To Maximize Content Benefits

LinkedIn’s rolling out a new ad consideration, with sponsored posts coming to all users, providing another way to generate leads from your LinkedIn content.

LinkedIn sponsored post

As you can see in this example, now, when a company page posts an article to LinkedIn, admins will have the option to promote it, which will include the capacity to add a CTA button, like “Unlock Article”, that requires user sign-up to read the rest.

LinkedIn sponsored post

That provides another lead generation tool in the app, which could enable a more direct means to measure response, and maximize LinkedIn content performance.

LinkedIn’s currently developing the option, and rolling it out to all users, with other post amplification and CTA options set to be integrated over time.

Which could eventually facilitate more customer connection processes, while at the same time also incentivizing more businesses to keep posting to LinkedIn, boosting its usage.

The CTA option is obviously similar to LinkedIn’s existing lead gen ads, though having it more directly tied back to in-app engagement will be better for LinkedIn, and potentially good for businesses as well.

Though that does also depend on whether your articles are enticing enough to actually prompt more of the right audience to engage. I mean, you don’t want just anybody to sign up, ideally, you want leads that are actually interested in your products. But with the right content, it could prove to be a valuable driver of business connection.

LinkedIn says that the new option is currently being rolled out to all users. Only company-authored articles are eligible for sponsorship at this stage.

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