Mayor Accused of Reckless Spending Took Trip to Las Vegas

Posted on: January 7, 2024, 03:01h. 

Last updated on: January 7, 2024, 03:01h.

A small-town mayor in Illinois accused of using taxpayer money to fund her lavish lifestyle and promote her political career reportedly took a trip to Las Vegas that her constituents presumably paid.

Illinois mayor Tiffany Henyard Las Vegas
Dolton Mayor Tiffany Henyard is treated like royalty as she arrives for an event in the small Illinois town she runs. Henyard is facing criticism for her personal use of taxpayer money, which reportedly included a first-class trip to Las Vegas last year. (Image: Instagram)

Tiffany Henyard (D) is the mayor of Dolton, a town of about 22,000 residents in Cook County roughly 15 miles south of Chicago. Henyard was elected in 2021 and has since incurred a bounty of controversy for her seemingly endless personal spending with taxpayer money.

Despite the median income in Dolton being just $24,000 a year, Henyard was paid approximately $270,000 last year for serving as both mayor and Thornton Township supervisor. The mayoral job comes with an annual pay of $46,000. The township supervisor gig comes with a staggering $224,000 salary.

The controversial mayor quietly passed an ordinance last year that would reduce the township supervisor’s salary to just $25,000 should she not be reelected. If she wins, however, the role’s pay grade would remain the same. Critics say the ordinance is to turn away would-be challengers.

Henyard critics say the mayor acts like a celebrity and has hired personal security and chauffeured black SUVs to whisk her around town. She’s also used taxpayer money to promote her brand, with billboards around town hyping her leadership. She’s also used government money to produce a series of music videos featuring her dancing with city workers.

Henyard is said to have also recently taken a first-class trip to Las Vegas.

Sin City Jaunt

According to local media reports, Henyard in 2023 visited Las Vegas with a first-class flight that cost taxpayers $3,741. While in Southern Nevada, her expense reports show more than $8,400 in hotel room charges, a restaurant tab at Ruth’s Chris Steak House for $587, and nearly $400 at Hot N’ Juicy Crawfish.

It’s unclear why Henyard was in Las Vegas, where she stayed, and whether she gambled. When asked about the trip by WGN Chicago investigative reporters Ben Bradley and Andrew Schroedter, Henyard simply said, “Mmm.”

When pressed to be accountable to her constituents and explain the trip to Las Vegas, Henyard responded, “Any other questions?”

While Henyard made nearly $300,000 last year, the mayor of Chicago, Brandon Johnson, will be paid $221,052 this year. His job includes running a city home to about 2.7 million people.

Self-Righteous Mayor

On Henyard’s X account in which her tweets are protected, the mayor calls herself “The People’s Super Mayor.” She also regularly refers to herself as the “super mayor” of Dolton.

Come along for the ride. I love you all and ain’t nothing you can do about it,” her X bio reads. Henyard has also given herself much praise and likened her leadership to Jesus Christ.

“I am an ion. I am a fighter. So, when you come at me be prepared for the fight,” Henyard declared during a city board meeting. “Because at the end of the day, they talk about Jesus Christ. So, why don’t I think you aren’t going to do me the same way? Someone who is helping you all, healing you all. Same thing I’m doing.”

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