Charming Vacation Home for a quiet stay in Paraty [Brazil]

Maison Blanc is a dream summer Airbnb home in Paraty designed by Brazilian creative Marcia Giraudy.

The stunning home for a dream stay in charming Paraty

Based in Paris, Marcia has elevated the concept of luxury blending her personal collection of art works with local vintage furniture, sourced from Rio de Janeiro’s antique stores.

A historical home testimony of time

The house is a restored colonial mansion circa 1800s and the restoration counted not only with the expertise of historical building architects but with the insights of local craftsmen and local artists.

Gorgeous Vacation Home | Brazil
Gorgeous Vacation Home | Brazil

The two-story house is beautifully framed by original tiles and woodwork. The restored balconies usher the guest into Brazilian history – the house is next to the former slave trading house and offer views of the original jail and an impressive church from 1724.

The 3 spacious suites count with amenities like charming service, a full gourmet kitchen, mini cachaça bottles in the rooms and a minimalist orchid & passionfruit walled garden, with a grey stone pool, that is a gorgeous respite after a day of adventures sailing in bay.

The house in a way redefines luxury in a no-frills way – everything in the house has a purpose and is part of the memories of its owner’s family heritage.

Paraty is an enchanting place: cobbled streets that were design to flood every full moon to keep the old city free from plagues; magical rooftops; seasonal produce focused restaurants and abundant mountain landscapes are just a few of the elements of this painterly beautiful town.


Gorgeous Vacation Home | Brazil
Gorgeous Vacation Home | Brazil
Gorgeous Vacation Home | Brazil

Tribes of Paraty

In the tupi-guarani native indigenous language Paraty means “waters of the white fish” – this white fish is a species called parati, from the mullet family. The much-loved colonial town of Paraty is one of the most sought-after destinations in Brazil.

Paraty can nowadays tell its story – from the pirates that sailed its waters to the indigenous tribes who had its tales registered and shared into the accounts of the explorers that lived amongst them.

Maison Blanche is in fact part the town’s history, a chic vantage point from which to experience this extraordinary part of Brazil.

Gorgeous Vacation Home | Brazil

Maison Blanc Paraty

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