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all of us strangers

all of us strangers

Guys, I am weak in the knees / need a total knee replacement from the press clips and interviews coming from All of Us Strangers, the romantic-fantasy movie starring Paul Mescal and Andrew Scott (out December 22nd). They are too much!!! Someone photoshop me into this photo!!!! The movie is getting rave reviews — the NYTimes called it “sexy” and “shattering” and “like an Avengers-level team-up, if the Avengers recruited exclusively from the ranks of sad-eyed Irish heartthrobs who caused a sensation over the 2019-20 television season.”

tuna melt recipe bon appetit

Is there any sandwich more satisfying than a tuna melt? Warm, crusty, cheesy… this recipe looks great, and I’m going to make some for the boys and me tonight. What quick dinners have you been enjoying lately?

woman's christmas card with phone number

How hilarious is this: a woman named Julia McClellan put her phone number on her holiday card, just in case any “single male between 25-35” sees it at a mutual friend’s house. On Instagram, Julia explains her approach: “Suzie 🐶 needs a father. Encouraging the universe (and my friends with fridges) to send me some suitable dudes in the new year.” Yes! Rooting for this cute duo.

gemma burgess

My friend Gemma is a showrunner by day and makeup genius by night, so when I texted her that my face always feels dry all winter and I need something “soooooooo hydrating,” she immediately sent me a link to this moisturizer. “I cannot BELIEVE how good it is,” she wrote to me. “I put on a tiny dab at night and then wake up with plump soft glowy skin. It is fuhuuucking amazing.” This is my first week using it, and now I can’t stop touching my face!

big salad

Lastly, our Big Salad issue today is a really fun one and free for everyone to read. Go here to find the best advice from all sorts of people, including the perfect travel shoes, a thrilling movie, what to say to a grieving friend, an addictive Trader Joe’s snack, and a poem to make you clutch your heart.

Plus, three reader comments:

Says K.A. on Toby and Anton in conversation: “When my daughter was three, she was OBSESSED with Doc McStuffins and had a little doctor coat. One day, she was wearing it, and we asked her to do something repeatedly, and she wasn’t listening, so finally we pulled the ‘if you can’t listen we’re going to pick you up’ card. As my husband is carrying her out of the room, she is screaming in protest, ‘BUT I’M A DOCTOR!!!!!!!’”

Says Kelsey on Toby and Anton in conversation: “Since my kids were little, I’ve written down (on a note on my phone) the hilarious things they say. Every year, I put the best ones on the back of our Christmas card. They capture their personalities and our year better than any traditional Christmas update could. A few from our 2023 card are:
Dash (10): ‘I don’t want to make a first impression until I know what kind of impression I want to make.’
Cedric (8): ‘I’m really big on claustrophobia.’
Maeve (3): ‘I’m very busy. I have two cheese sticks in my hand.’”

Catherine on Toby and Anton in conversation: “One of my favorite CoJ comments from years ago came from a mom who realized once her kid was grown that when he was small, and was told that if he was ever lost he should ‘look for another mom,’ he assumed that was it — time for a new mom!”

(Gemma photo by Doré.)

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