An Overview of the Evolving Generative AI Landscape [Infographic]

Generative AI has been the key tech trend of the year, with all of the major players investing in new generative AI projects, in order to tap into the latest shifts.

ChatGPT remains the leader on this front, with the OpenAI-created tool quickly becoming the Google of the gen AI shift, with millions of people now posing questions to its AI chatbot every day to get more conversational, in-depth answers, based on its refined interactive systems.

Visual AI tools have also been huge, providing all new ways to create digital artworks, while there are also more tools in other areas emerging, with AI set to impact many sectors.

But are you aware of just how many AI tools are now available, and what you can use them for?

That’s where this chart from Brian Solis and JESS3 design studio comes in, providing an expanded view of the generative AI landscape, featuring close to 100 tools that touch on all elements of the growing AI marketplace.

And we’re only scratching the surface, with over 10,000 new generative AI projects also in development.

Have you tried all of these tools and functions? Could be a project for your holiday break.

You can read more about the “GenAI Prism” project here.

Gen AI Prism

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