10/23/22 Hunting Season News, Updates and Observations (Massachusetts) #matthuntsboston



Archery season for deer extends until November 26th.

Shotgun season is upcoming November 28th to December 10th. You may use a muzzle loader or archery equipment during the shotgun season.

Primitive Firearms season is from December 12th through December 31st 2022.

Remember, you can use archery through the gun season. Orange requirements and applicable stamps apply. Also, remember even if bow hunting you are required to have a primitive stamp to hunt during primitive firearms season.

Fall turkey season extends until November 26th. Remember, from October 31st and on you are only allowed to use archery equipment for fall turkey. You can hunt turkeys of either sex in the fall.

Don’t forget that if you are using a shotgun or muzzle loading shotgun for fall turkey you are required to have the green hunt safe sticker in Massachusetts.

Pheasant hunting extends until November 26th. You may use shotgun or archery equipment for pheasant. You must wear a blaze orange hat when hunting on any wildlife management area property stocked with pheasant or quail.

Grey squirrel hunting season is in full swing and extends until January 2nd, 2023. But, get em while they’re hot.

You may use shotgun or archery for grey squirrel across the states. In zones 1 through 9 you may use a rifle or handgun except for on wildlife management area properties stocked with pheasant or quail.

Coyote hunting is in full effect until March 8th, 2023. For coyote, you may use shotgun, archery, muzzle loader or rifles.

Please review Massachusetts state regulations for specifics.

Hunters around Massachusetts are bagging deer.

Saturday the 15th was following a Friday rain shower.

Last Saturday the 22nd many hunters around the state complained of high temperatures, mosquitos. and lack of deer sightings.

As the week drew on many hunters reported seeing the first scrapes.

Across Massachusetts this week it appears lows in the 40s and highs in the 70s with rain off and on.

It is said that when hunters begin to see scrapes that the deer are in pre-rut mode and will make rubs and scrapes as often as they can. The closer to the rut, the more rubs and scrapes you’ll see.

Deer have velvet on their antlers through the summer and this velvet is shed in the winter. As the velvet sheds it becomes itchy prompting the deer to rub trees.

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